The second-generation M2 is far more customizable than its predecessor as BMW has developed an extended array of compatible accessories for the G87. To illustrate how wild the sports coupe can get, the German luxury marque is exhibiting a high-end version of the rear-wheel-drive machine with M Performance Parts at the Welt.

Painted in Zandvoort Blue, the pricey build is decked out with most of the optional items offered by BMW. From the carbon fiber air intakes at the front to the rear wing made from the same material, this M2 showcases how one can go crazy with the options. It also has some of the more controversial options, such as those odd-looking side spats behind the front wheels. The body decals harken back to the 1980s while the red towing strap at the front makes it look like a tuner’s car.


This M2 is certainly a lot to take in, and eagle-eyed readers will also notice the centerlock wheels that BMW is also offering for the bigger and more expensive M3 and M4. The carbon fiber roof and side mirror caps are a common occurrence nowadays on the baby M but those extended side skirts are a rare sight. The “M Performance Parts” sticker at the top of the rear window takes us back to the 1980s but it’s the carbon fiber inserts in the bumper that draw the attention.

As lavishly equipped as this BMW M2 is, we should mention it is missing one notable upgrade. It doesn’t have the optional titanium exhaust system with the stacked exhaust tips. Some would argue that’s for the better since the setup gives the G87 a strange-looking rear end. However, there’s no denying that the more expensive setup sounds more aggressive and is also eight kilograms lighter.

Look for BMW to spruce up the M2 later this year as M boss Frank van Meel has announced a “model revision” is on the way. The mayor of M Town was likely referring to the rumored power bump for the G87, along with possibly a few more paint options. Bigger changes are planned for 2025 when BMW intends to launch a hardcore M2 CS.

Source: paul_m8 / YouTube