A new video of the 2023 BMW M2 gives us the opportunity to not only get familiar with the sports coupe but also hear the growl of its exhaust. Mind you, this isn’t just any version of the G87 as we’re dealing with a configuration chock-full of M Performance Parts. We saw it last week at the Essen Motor Show where it flaunted the center-mounted exhaust tips.

In the age of strict emissions regulations, noise restrictions, and gasoline particulate filters, the sports coupe doesn’t sound too shabby. It has that low guttural sound you’d expect from a performance machine that looks this aggressive. Some would argue the M Performance add-ons are a bit too much, but a customer can always dial down the upgrades and only go with a few items (or none) rather than the whole package.

With the new M2 using the same inline-six engine and optional exhaust as the bigger M4, it’s no wonder it sounds pretty much the same. Fitted with electrically controlled flaps, the exhaust system has a titanium silencer shaving off around 8 kilograms (18 pounds) of weight compared to the standard setup. The quad tips are housed within a custom-made carbon fiber rear diffuser while the tailpipe trim module is made from titanium with a ceramic coating.

Beyond the beefier exhaust, the M2 has loads of carbon fiber upgrades and a large fixed wing at the back where there’s a roof edge spoiler as well. Much like the new 3.0 CSL, it rides on center-lock wheels that are also expected to be offered soon for the M3 and M4. Those side spats and add-ons at the front and rear are a bit too much for our tastes since they make the car look rather busy.

At the beginning of December, BMW started production of the M2 at the San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico. For the G87 generation, the sports coupe’s assembly has therefore been moved from Leipzig, Germany.

Source: cvdzijden – Supercar Videos / YouTube