You’ve seen the spy shots and you’ve read the reports – and now it’s official. The M2, M3, and M4 are all due for an “upcoming model revision.” The announcement was made by BMW M CEO Frank van Meel on his personal Instagram account. The mayor of M Town also reiterated how 2023 was a record-breaking year for the M division and that the i5 M60 Touring is coming this year. He went on to say the next-generation M5 Sedan (G90) will indeed be released in 2024 together with the return of the M5 Touring (G99).

The M2 has only been around for roughly a year and it’s already getting an update. No, it won’t be the CS version as the limited-run special edition is coming in 2025. Based on our sources close to Bavaria, the tweaks planned for later this year will revolve around a power bump for the inline-six engine. The twin-turbo 3.0-liter mill codenamed “S58” currently makes 453 hp but we know from the M3/M4 that it’s capable of much more.

We’re hearing the engineers are going to dial the six-cylinder engine to somewhere in the region of 473 hp. Despite the estimated 20-hp upgrade, BMW still intends to simply call it the M2 rather than attaching the Competition suffix. It won’t be a superior version of the existing G87 model but rather a direct replacement. Beyond the upgraded engine, chances are there will be fresh hues such as Twilight Purple and/or Grigio Telesto.

As for the M3 and M4, spy shots have revealed redesigned headlights, presumably with a matrix LED setup instead of the laser technology currently in use. Rumor has it the xDrive versions are getting more power, going up by 15 hp from today’s 503 hp to around 518 hp. The M4 CS is coming in 2024 as BMW’s fastest production car around the Nürburgring and effectively a coupe version of last year’s M3 CS but with the new headlights.

The M3 Touring is also getting the Life Cycle Impulse despite being around for a little over a year. There are already spy shots with prototypes of the updated wagon failing to hide the redesigned lights. Logic tells us the revised G81 will also be introduced in 2024 to align the model with the M3 G80. Next year, the M3 CS Touring will adopt the goodies prepared by BMW M for its sedan counterpart.

Source: Frank van Meel / Instagram