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BMW Welt now has three streaming and TV studios

The world as we knew it may never return. The COVID-19 outbreak imposed some tough restrictions, making even something as casual as a face-to-face conversation a taboo subject. Companies around the world now have to…

BMW Welt reopens May 4th after the major CoVID-19 lockdown

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BMW is premiering the FUTURE FORUM at BMW Welt

Starting with October 18th, 2019, BMW is premiering the FUTURE FORUM at BMW Welt. Under the tagline “Explore the future. Get inspired. Join the conversation.”, this special platform is dedicated to interactive panel discussions for…

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///M Town is now part of the BMW Welt exhibition

BMW Welt is now officially welcoming the ///M Town on their premises. A new marketing campaign kicked off today, centering around the ///M Town concept, and along with that, a new and permanent expo space…

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What is #NextGen?

Innovation in the automotive industry hasn’t always emerged from physical products, but rather from unique experiences catered to an evolving customer base. A few months ago, we’ve learned that BMW is looking at new ways…