Hot on the heels of yesterday’s spy shots of a camo-free M3 Touring, BMW’s super wagon has returned. Once again, it’s devoid of any camouflage to fully show Bavaria’s belated answer to the Mercedes-AMG C63. Oddly enough, the patent images show the performance estate based on the pre-facelift 3 Series. Perhaps it’s an older trademark application since logic tells us the M3 Touring will get the updates prepared for the M3 Sedan LCI.

As it’s usually the case with such photos, the car is missing the spoke design for the alloy wheels while the BMW badge is a no-show as well. Needless to say, there are many ways you can tell it’s not the regular 3 Series Touring or the M340i. The look-at-me grille would be one of them, along with the beefier front air intakes and the quad exhausts. The side vents in the front fenders denote it’s the king of the hill, as do the M-specific side mirror caps. The range-topping 3 Series estate also gets a more aggressive diffuser, but the roof spoiler seems unchanged. The latter might be another sign this isn’t necessarily the production-ready M3 Touring, but what if it is?

The M3 Touring Will Be A Competition Model With xDrive And Automatic Transmission

Either way, customers will be limited to one specification. While the sedan comes with a choice between rear- and all-wheel drive, the equivalent wagon will be xDrive-only. Don’t hold your breath for a manual gearbox either since BMW will sell the car exclusively with an 8-speed automatic. Indeed, the M3 Touring will be a Competition-only model.

The G81 as it’s known by its codename will sadly not make it to the United States. Where the speedy wagon will be sold, it’ll feature the iDrive 8 coming for the entire 3 Series family with the impending LCI. We’ve heard through the grapevine production will start in November, but an official reveal is expected to take place sooner. It’s going to be available until around 2025 when the current-gen 3er will bow out.

Another addition to the 3er family will be an i3 Sedan, but it’ll be built in China exclusively for the local market from later this year. You can see the photos here Cochespias / Facebook