Some might say that in today’s world 7-seaters are becoming the norm. That’s because SUVs and crossovers are already the norm. Just take a look at what’s selling today. That’s why the BMW X7 is such an important car not just for the German brand but for its rivals as well. However, some might find it hard to compare the X7 against its real rivals.

The guys from The Fast Lane Car have actually created their brand and Youtube channel on the back on weird comparisons and mash-ups, as they call them. Ever since they started posting videos online they made a habit out of pitting vastly different cars against each other. This video is no exception. The guys line-up a BMW X7 M50i against a Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S and a Tesla Model X. For some reason, they thought these three cars can be compared.

Unlike some other videos they made, this time they just wanted to see which car was faster in a straight line. Obviously, the BMW started out with a huge disadvantage here, namely because of its size. Nevertheless, the car would’ve performed a lot better given the circumstances, if a decent driver sat behind the wheel. If you’ve been watching TFL Car you probably know that activating Launch Control on a BMW seems to be an insurmountably difficult task.

As a result, in this video too, they can’t seem to activate the sequence. Therefore, the BMW X7 is noticeably slower than it should’ve been. It’s not that it ever had a chance against the lighter and marginally less powerful Merc, but then again, if you’re going to do something, at least do it right. The guys then proceed to drag race the AMG against the Tesla which is, once again, an unfair comparison. But by now, considering how many things are wrong in this video, it doesn’t really matter.