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Photo Comparison: BMW iX M60 vs Tesla Model X

When the BMW iX M60 hits the market, it’s going to be compared to one car more than any other — the Tesla Model X. Naturally, being the household name in EVs, Tesla is the…

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BMW X7 vs. Tesla Model X – Which One Should I Buy?

Well, you’ve finally made it. A good job, maybe a three car garage, and a happy – but growing – family. And the salvage title 2006 Yukon you’ve been hauling your supposedly precious cargo (pets,…

Video: BMW X7 M50i drag races Mercedes-AMG G63 S, Model X joins in

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Tesla Model X caught…towing

The upcoming Tesla Model X, a fully-electric SUV for the environmentally concerned, yet still quite active, customer, has been making quite a bit of buzz lately. But the curtain was officially lifted and Tesla showed…

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Tesla Model X: Everything you need to know

Tesla recently held an event to give the first six owners the keys to the newest all-electric SUV from the Silicon Valley company, the Model X. The Tesla Model X has been quite extensively covered before and…

Tesla Model X: 0 To 60 MPH in 3.2 Seconds, costs $132,000

Tesla is now letting you spec out the Model X Signature Series crossover. Pricing for this version of the Model X starts at $132,000, but the “Ludicrous Mode” speed upgrade will cost an extra $10,000….