Two iconic cars go racing. That’s how a good story might start, once you hear the full story, your perception will change. The BMW M850i and the Mercedes-AMG G63 are not traditional rivals, on any level. Flip it however you want, they just don’t compete in the same league. However, they are both legendary names in the automotive industry, each with its own legacy behind. Can that be considered a good enough reason to pit them against each other?


Mat from CarWow definitely thought so and he set up a drag race in the usual way they do things over in Britain, between these two exact cars. You might recognize the BMW M850i xDrive here because it used to be his daily driver for quite a while. You might also recognize the G63 AMG because it is his new daily driver right now. Talk about a rockstar lifestyle… Well, he got some helping hands in this race, to show us just how easy it is to drag race these beasts.

G63 AMG vs M850i 830x460

You might notice that he’s not in the driver’s seat. Instead, he got his 71-year old mom to drive them and she seems like she’s thoroughly enjoying them. As for the specs, well, they do lean in favor of the G63. Under the good of the G-Wagon hides a 4-liter twin-turbo V8 making 585 HP and a whopping 850 Nm of torque. On the other side of the strip we have the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 we’ve been getting used to, making 530 HP and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque in the M850i.

Of course, the added weight of the G-Wagon will nullify the power advantage as we’re talking about 2.5 tons of steel going up against less than two. Both cars have all-wheel drive but different gearboxes. So how will they compare? Let’s watch Mat’s mom blast them down the runway, shall we?