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Here’s How the ALPINA XB7 Differs from the BMW X7 M50i

If you’ve ever driven an ALPINA, you’d know that they feel very different from the standard BMWs on which they’re based. While they might not look so different from the outside, the differences under the…

Top Five Best BMW SUVs of All Time

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Ordering Guide and Options: ALPINA XB7 (G07)

The ALPINA XB7 is the second addition to the U.S. current lineup offered by the Buchloe-based automaker. It is also the most expensive BMW crossover and sits in top 10 most expensive BMWs today. Naturally,…

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Video: The BMW X7 M50i is too fast for comfort

The BMW X7 range is topped by the V8-equipped M50i model. In this guise, the ultra-luxurious X7 turns into an incredibly fast machine, one that definitely comes close to defying physics. Even though it’s not…