BMW X7 M50i

BMW X7 M50i Individual G07 in Tanzanite Blue 10 830x553

BMW X7 M50i Drag Races Hardcore Off-Roaders In V8 Fight

BMW sadly isn’t selling a body-on-frame vehicle to cash in on the growing demand for ladder-frame behemoths. That hasn’t stopped the peeps from Carwow from pitting the X7 M50i against three truck-based large sport utility…

Will the Cadillac Escalade V Compete with the BMW X7 M50i? Draft

BMW X7 M50i Individual G07 in Tanzanite Blue 16 830x553

Five Things I Love About the BMW X7

One of the more unlikely heroes of the current BMW lineup is the X7. It might sound obvious to call a brand’s very expensive luxury car an unlikely hero but in the case of BMW,…

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Which to Buy: BMW X7 M50i or Range Rover P530?

Jaguar Land Rover made big headlines with its recent launch of the all-new Range Rover. While it might not look all that different from the previous-gen Range Rover, this new one is entirely different, from…