BMW X7 M50i

BMW X7 ZeroG Lounger 06 830x553

Video: The BMW X7 M50i is too fast for comfort

The BMW X7 range is topped by the V8-equipped M50i model. In this guise, the ultra-luxurious X7 turns into an incredibly fast machine, one that definitely comes close to defying physics. Even though it’s not…

Photo Comparison: BMW X7 M50i vs ALPINA XB7

Alpine White BMW X7 M50i G07 2 830x553

Autoblog compares BMW X7 M50i vs BMW M760i

When I first drove the BMW X7, there was one car that I immediately felt was in a bit of trouble — the BMW 7 Series. With both cars being roughly the same price, the…

Video: BMW X7 M50i vs Toyota T86 on the track

One could hardly hope to see a car like the BMW X7 on the track, let alone being pushed to its limits. But thanks to Youtube, some of those “dreams” often come true. The guys from…