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Video: BMW M5 CS versus BMW M2 CS on the drag strip

It’s time for the battle of the special editions! This time, we’re looking at a showdown between the BMW M5 CS, the most powerful car the Bavarian manufacturer ever made, and the smaller and lighter…

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Video: BMW M5 CS drag races Porsche Taycan Turbo

Electric cars are known to have the upper hand when it comes to drag racing, especially against traditional combustion cars. Of course, that’s true when you compare similarly powered models, not if you’re pitting a…

Video: Stock BMW M3 xDrive takes on Tuned M3 xDrive in Drag Race

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Place your bets: BMW X5 drag races Audi Q8 for SUV glory

Sport utility vehicles weren’t created for drag racing, but that isn’t stopping YouTubers from organizing duels to see which one is quicker off the line. By carrying around extra bulk, these vehicles will never be…