As Tesla is gaining more and more traction as a car maker, comparisons against traditional cars are bound to get more common. Not long ago we saw the Model 3 compared against the new 3 Series and now we’re looking at another comparison, this time between a Model X and a BMW X5. It seems like BMWs are definitely the preferred brand to compare to the Model X. Why? Because in certain segments, BMW models used to dominate.

Now, as far as comparing an electric car to an internal combustion one goes, you know what I think: it’s not fair for both sides. However, these two are still SUVs and both are meant to haul entire families out for shorter or longer trips. Furthermore, let’s not forget, both have six-digit price tags. So how to they stack up against each other? The guys from Throttle House decided to try and figure out which one is better for them.

The Model X feels like it comes from the future. It’s a bold move from Tesla, one where they threw convention out the window and went for a different approach. The Falcon doors are pretty cool and they allow you to get in the third row of seats without issue. For some people though, they might be a bit too much, as they do attract a lot of attention. As far as the build quality goes, as some people have complained about that, things don’t look that bad, according to these reviewers.

In the X5 you know what you’re getting. This isn’t the first SUV BMW ever made and it shows. The build quality is extraordinary, the materials used inside exemplary and everything’s just how you’d expect it to be. Furthermore, the X5 has a V8 and that means it’s more fun to drive, according to Throttle House.