Rumor: BMW X4 ?

Rumors | May 2nd, 2008 by 2

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Here is one of the latest rumors that came down the pipe. BMW apparently is looking into building a Sports Activity Sedan (SAS) and the name chosen could be X4. From what we have heard, of course unofficially and not confirmed as of now, the X4 will be similar in shape to the X6, which was labeled as a Sports Activity Coupe.

At this point, I really doubt that a final decision is even remotely close, but….we have seen many rumors before becoming reality, so we shall see.

The guys at Auto Zeitung went even further and came up with a photoshop of what the BMW X4 might look like. To me, it seems somehow as being a combination between the X3 and X6.

I'm wondering what direction is BMW going with all these new name conventions and designs. Could this new X4 be somewhere in the same class as the Audi's A4 Avant Allroad?