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2017 M4 Java Green Competition Package 03 830x553

BMW M4 F82 With 700 HP Drag Races Tuned Acura NSX

When two cars with roughly similar power meet at the drag strip, we’re tempted to put our money on the one with all-wheel drive. Consequently, in a duel between a second-generation Acura NSX and the…

BMW M3 Competition By Senner Tuning Makes 630 Horsepower

2023 bmw 8 series facelift 17 830x553

BMW 8 Series (G77) rumored to launch in late 2025

Despite being one of the best looking BMWs today, the new 8 Series family hasn’t gotten much traction in its segment. The 8 Series – with its coupe, convertible and gran coupe models – was…

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2023 bmw m2 prototype review 01 830x553

2023 BMW M2 – Best M Car Today. Period

If I could write this review in 140 characters or less, then the title above would be sufficient. If you’d like to skip the entire review now, then let me leave you with this: The…

BMW 230i 2 of 17 830x553

TEST DRIVE: BMW 230i Coupe — Getting Back to Basics

BMW really isn’t the company it used to be. Yes, it still makes good sports cars and yes, it still makes brilliant engines. But BMWs of old were always about driving first and everything else…

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2023 bmw m8 daytona beach blue 3 830x553
The BMW M8 Coupe: Underappreciated

The BMW M8 Coupe is always trying to be many things to many different people. Currently occupying the tertiary level of the M food chain, it must be fast. So, they gave it 617 horsepower…

BMW M3 Manual Test Drive 34 of 37 830x553
Five Best Manual Transmission BMWs

It isn’t news – the manual transmission is on the way out, and everyone should be sad about it. It doesn’t take a luddite to realize that this, in general, sucks eggs. Luckily, enthusiasts are…

2020 bmw z4 m40i test drive 16 830x553
BMW Z4 M40i is a Future Classic

For a car to become deemed a “future classic”, there’s generally a few prerequisites to be met. The first and most important one is that it must be fun to drive – if nobody wants…

BMW i3 27 830x553
BMW i3 – One of the Most Underrated Cars

It truly is jaw-dropping how quickly time can pass by. After nearly a decade of deliveries throughout the world, BMW i3 production recently ended. When the car first arrived on US shores in early 2014,…