Although the i4 M50 was the best-selling product from BMW M in 2023 (and the year before), the M2 also posted strong results. With a growing customer base, the G87 is attracting the attention of more and more tuners. Case in point, ADRO can give the “baby M” a meaner attitude thanks to a comprehensive appearance package.

The focal point is unquestionably the fixed wing at the rear. Made from carbon fiber, the massive aero element weighs 45% less than an equivalent aluminum piece. It’s more than just for show since the tuner mentions it adds 277.7 pounds of downforce at 110 mph. The massive wing costs $3,850 and reminds us of BMW’s own M2 CS Racing, the M division’s entry-level race car.

Beyond the look-at-me wing, this M2 pampered by ADRO also has a chunky rear diffuser. It too is made from carbon fiber and nicely integrates the original quad exhaust tips. You’ll have to fork out another $2,250 for this lightweight diffuser lending the rear a beefy look. The $1,700 side skirts are also custom-made for the G87 from the same material.

By far the most expensive upgrade applied to this Toronto Red M2 is the wheel design. These HRE Wheels R101LW will set you back a hefty €14,400 and perfectly suit the M car. It would seem this M2 has been lowered a bit for greater visual drama. At the front, the carbon fiber spoiler lip accentuates the aggressive look of this tricked-out G87.

An interesting change ADRO made was to swap out the kidney grille for its own design. It eschews the original horizontal slats for vertical bars. As with the tuner’s other custom bits, it too is made from carbon fiber. The new grille costs $1,250 and is a throwback to the kidney design used for the preceding F87 generation.

Should you want an M2 on steroids straight from BMW, you’ll have to wait until 2025. Although the CS will have a meaner body kit, it won’t look as aggressive as ADRO’s build. Alternatively, there are M Performance Parts tailored to the G87.

[Source: @adro.davis]