Although the new M2 has been out for quite some time, we’ve rarely had the opportunity to see it alongside its predecessor. Thankfully, BMW Czech Republic shot a family portrait with both the G87 and the F87 at Autodrom Most, a circuit located in the northwest part of the country. The dynamic duo was joined by the spiciest flavor of the M3 G80 to date, the new CS. In addition, there was a second 2023 M2 Coupe decked out with M Performance Parts.

Significantly larger and heavier than its predecessor, the latest M2 is featured in the exclusive Zandvoort Blue while the old M2 is a Competition model finished in Hockenheim Silver. Although it’s not entirely fair to compare the two since the G87 is technically a base model while the F87 is a hotter derivative, the newer car already has a significant 50-hp advantage. The gap is expected to grow next year when BMW will up the power ante to over 500 hp compared to the regular model’s 460 hp by releasing the M2 CS.

These side-by-side images are a good opportunity to see how BMW has drastically changed the design of its smallest M car. The new M2 looks far more angular and boxier than the model it replaced and has been stretched by 119 millimeters (nearly 4.7 inches). In addition, the width has increased by 33 mm (1.3 in) while the height has been reduced by 7 mm (0.27 in) compared to the F87 M2 Competition. The biggest discrepancy between the two is the weight since the G87 tips the scales at a hefty 1,725 kilograms (3,802 pounds), therefore making it 175 kg (386 lbs) heavier than the old M2C.

The M2 might get even heavier in the latter part of the decade if those reports about an xDrive variant will pan out. The all-paw derivative is rumored to land as early as 2026 and it too should have well over 500 horsepower. Much like the M2 Competition used the S55 engine of the previous M3/M4, the latest model boasts the S58 powering the current-generation M3/M4. BMW has taken this twin-turbo, 3.0-liter engine to as much as 560 hp in the 3.0 CSL, so the inline-six offers plenty of potential for a beefier M2.

Source: BMW