The BMW M2 CS Racing is the newest customer car from BMW Motorsport to be used in various competitions around the world. Based on the highly-coveted BMW M2 CS, the Racing model is not going to be built in limited numbers, per se, yet the overall number will fairly small. That makes this car a very rare sight, even on track, so a set of carefully picked out photos should fill that need,

The set below shows the M2 in its sportiest setup ever, even though the power output of the Racing model is actually shy of the one the M2 CS. The BMW M2 CS Racing has anywhere between 280 and 365 HP and 550 Nm of torque. Those numbers depend on the racing class it runs in and will vary from event to event, as certain classes have different power regulations.

Other changes aside from power can also be made to it to make it compatible with various events. The FIA rulebook covers a wide array of different motorsport events and the M2 CS Racing can be used on several of them. The car comes stripped out, of course, and fitted with a roll-cage, a special tank for race cars that doesn’t blow up in case of an accident and a few other tricks up its sleeve to make it competitive.

As standard, the cog swapping is done via a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox that has a special software on it. It is roughly the same gearbox you get on the road-going model which goes to show just how track-ready BMW M cars are anyway.

The BMW M2 CS Racing will most likely be seen racing in the VLN Endurance Championship on the Nurburgring and TC America but that’s for those who can go to the track. For the rest of us, the photo gallery below will have to make do.