Unveiled at the end of October, the 2023 BMW M2 G87 with M Performance Parts will be attending the Essen Motor Show early next month. Europe’s equivalent of the SEMA show, the event is dedicated to the aftermarket scene, but some automakers bring their own customized creations. It’s the perfect opportunity to display the sports coupe in what will be its most expensive configuration, at least until the arrival of a potential M2 CS and/or CSL.

The announcement was made today by BMW Deutschland through a presentation video showing the second-generation M2 decked out with likely all the compatible M Performance Parts. It’s perfectly understandable why some people would find the design overly aggressive, but customers can select the individual items they want rather than having to go for the whole rather flashy package.

Much like on the M3 and M4, the center-mounted quad exhaust tips are a love/hate affair while those side spats are overkill for a road car. We don’t mind the rear wing since the M2’s standard trunk lid spoiler doesn’t look any more special than the M240i’s. The abundance of carbon fiber is not necessarily our cup of tea and we’d probably limit ourselves to just the roof and side mirror caps.

Photos by www.instagram.com/danydrives

The biggest news about M Performance Parts tailored to the new M2 is the centerlock wheel. The set is likely to be made available for the M3 and M4 as well in the near future. It would make sense for the hotly anticipated 3.0 CSL to do away with the traditional five-lug nut configuration once it debuts later this month. The forged set is actually the familiar 963 M style with a matte Jet Black finish, but modified for a race car-like centerlock layout.

Although the video focuses on the exterior design, we know for a fact BMW has also spruced up the cabin. Interior trim panels with a combination of carbon fiber and Alcantara will be available, along with a Pro steering wheel with a 12 o’clock mark and decorative stitching. The M Performance Parts catalog also encompasses carbon fiber shift paddles for the automatic model and door sill plates made from the same lightweight material.

Beyond these extravagant visual tweaks inside and out, there’s also an M Performance adjustable suspension to alter the ride height at both axles and lower the car by as much as 10 millimeters (0.4 inches).

We’ll see the car in the metal at the 2022 Essen Motor Show scheduled to take place December 2-11.

Source: BMW Deutschland / YouTube / Top image by www.instagram.com/danydrives