The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X is not just a concept. It’s a window into the near future of a veritable revolution within BMW. It not only paves the way for the brand’s first-ever dedicated electric car platform with round battery cells but it also previews a fresh design language and the next-generation iDrive.

Fresh and Bold New Design

An SUV companion to the Vision Neue Klasse sedan introduced in 2023, the new X is more than just a jacked-up version of the preceding concept. It gets a significantly modified front fascia with a retro-futuristic kidney grille by modernizing a design first seen in the 1930s. The slender, upright kidneys with their illuminated contour are flanked by vertically aligned LEDs akin to those of the 2021 i Vision Circular.

When the driver approaches the vehicle, the LEDs embedded into the grille and kidneys double as welcome lights to greet the owner. The rear lights also stretch almost the entire width of the vehicle and are bisected by the minimalist BMW logo we’ve been seeing on recent concepts. A prominent roof spoiler sends a sporty vibe, and there’s no rear wiper to clutter the SUV’s derrière.

Since this is only a concept, BMW had the freedom to embrace a pared-down design language by doing away with cameras, sensors, and whatnot. That won’t be the case with next year’s iX3, which will also receive traditional side mirrors instead of these cameras. Compared to the sedan, the SUV has more rugged bumpers and freshly designed centerlock wheels.

What else has changed? The rear curved section of the glass roof wasn’t there on last year’s saloon, nor were the small door handles integrated into the beltline. The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X has an even more generous greenhouse with a large quarter glass, along with bulging fenders that would look great on an M version.

The New Design Language Looks Great

Overall, we think the exterior is better suited for the fresh design language than the sedan, especially when it comes to the rear end. However, both are concepts, so the 2025 iX3 and 2026 i3 won’t look exactly like this. That said, logic tells us the design will be largely the same considering the new iX3 will go into series production in a little over a year from today. It wouldn’t make sense to show this concept and then unveil the production model in early 2025 with a significantly different appearance.

New Interior, New Infotainment, No iDrive Controller

The interior has largely been carried over from the sedan, but the white surfaces are now combined with orange instead of the mustard-like color we saw last year. As with the Vision Neue Klasse, BMW has eliminated the driver’s display and the rotary controller. The central display of the iDrive 10 (or is it iDrive X?) looks bigger than the 14.9-inch touchscreen found in today’s models.

The digital instrument cluster won’t be necessarily missed since BMW has engineered a head-up display nearly as wide as the dashboard. Known as Panoramic Vision, the next-gen HUD sits at the bottom of the windshield, providing the driver with relevant information directly in their line of sight. It’s debuting in Neue Klasse-based model but it will trickle down to existing models as well later this decade.

Touch Controls On The Steering

Mirroring the sedan, the Vision Neue Klasse X has frameless windows along with touch controls on the steering wheel. BMW’s latest models have already dialed down the number of traditional buttons but it looks as though even fewer (if any) will survive in NK-based vehicles. Production models might not take the minimalism to such great lengths, although the “less is more approach” is already evident.

Compose Your Own Electric Sounds


The introduction of the HYPERSONX WHEEL ushers in a new era of personalized audio experiences. This digital feature allows passengers to indulge in their preferred tunes during any journey. With real-time sound generation and the convenience of adjustment with a simple finger tap on the HYPERSONX WHEEL, this is a new way to take control of your auditory experience.

New Battery Technology

Design aside, BMW does share some preliminary technical specifications regarding the Gen6 batteries. Switching to round cells compared to today’s Gen5 prismatic batteries, the new packs will have an energy density increased by more than 20%. By adopting an 800-volt system, the charging speed is going up by 30% to enable a driving range of 186 miles (300 kilometers) after only 10 minutes of charging. Speaking of range, the German luxury brand claims it’s going up by 30%.

The Vision Neue Klasse X touts a 20% lower drag coefficient than the current CLAR-based iX3. The existing electric crossover has a Cd of 0.29, so doing the math, its replacement will have a Cd of around 0.23. Further aiding efficiency will be bespoke tires and new brakes tailored to EVs – contributing to an increase in overall vehicle efficiency of 25%.

Coming To Debrecen In 2026

The concept introduced today will morph into the road-going iX3 next year at the new Debrecen plant in Hungary. The i3 sedan is coming in 2026 from the Munich factory. Four other NK-based models are due by 2028. BMW remains tight-lipped about their identities, although don’t be too surprised if there will be an i3 Touring and an iX4. Other production locations for Neue Klasse confirmed so far include San Luis Potosi (Mexico), Regensburg (Germany), and Shenyang (China).

These future EVs will share the assembly lines with CLAR-based products. BMW will also build at least six electric models in Spartanburg by the end of the decade. These will all likely be SUVs but it’s unclear how many are going to utilize the new dedicated underpinnings. CLAR-based EVs are sticking around even after Neue Klasse arrives.

Design Sketches


BMW Vision Neue Klasse X