BMW will inaugurate the Neue Klasse platform in 2025 with a next-generation iX3 that will roll off the assembly line at the Debrecen plant in Hungary. The second car based on the dedicated electric architecture will be a sedan in the 3 Series segment, which will come alive from 2026 at the Munich factory in Germany.

The announcement was made today, along with the intent to end the production of vehicles equipped with combustion engines at the Munich plant in late 2027. BMW is spending €650 million (about $711M)  to erect four buildings, including a body shop and a new assembly line. The premium brand already makes an EV in Munich as the 4 Series Gran Coupe-based i4 (codenamed G26) on the CLAR platform has been built there since 2021.

Other plants worldwide that have been confirmed to build Neue Klasse models include Shenyang in China from 2026 and San Luis Potosi in Mexico from 2027. BMW also plans to build at least six electric vehicles in Spartanburg, South Carolina in the United States by 2030 but it’s unclear whether these will be on CLAR and/or Neue Klasse.

Predictably, BMW remains tight-lipped about the other cars it will produce beyond the SUV and sedan. However, we’re hearing the company intends to make an i3 Touring and an iX4. All four are allegedly going to receive the fully fledged M treatment. It is believed there won’t even be a next-generation X4 with a combustion engine as the goal is apparently to make the crossover-coupe exclusively electric.

If you’re wondering about the internal codenames of these future Neue Klasse models, here they are: i3 Sedan (NA0), i3 Touring (NA1), iX3 (NA5), iX4 (NA7). As for high-performance vehicles, expect an M3 (ZA0), M3 Touring (ZA1), iX3 M (ZA5), and iX4 M (ZA7). Bear in mind the names are not official and BMW M boss Frank van Meel has said the letters “i” and “M” won’t ever be combined, so look for a fresh nomenclature.

Source: BMW