The 2021 Munich Auto Show introduced a new concept car for BMW: The i Vision Circular. The BMW i Vision Circular is the Bavarians’ idea of an electric compact car geared toward reducing components and using recycled material. Its circular manufacturing; using either recycled materials or materials that could be recycled into new ones; makes it as sustainable as it is radical looking.

Today, we get to see again the BMW i Vision Circular and its funky design in these new photos from France. The exterior of the i Vision Circular looks unlike any other BMW before it. The kidney grilles and headlights are digital, the taillights are built into a rear glass panel, and its body isn’t even painted. The latter is the funkiest of its exterior design quirks. Rather than paint the body shell, the i Vision Concept’s aluminum panels get light gold anodized finish, which BMW calls Anodized Mystic Bronze.

Inside, the futuristic concept features interactive glowing crystal pieces on the dashboard that have nerve-like lighting elements. Its seats are thick and plush, made from recycled fabric. It even features a line of the aforementioned crystal material that accentuates the car’s Hofmeister Kink from the inside.

Rather than a traditional gauge cluster, the BMW i Vision Circular uses only a high-tech head-up display, projected at the base of the windshield. It can display driver information, navigation, media, and connectivity information. All of which is controlled via steering wheel controls. The steering wheel is made from 3D-printed renewable organic materials. The one shown in these photos is made from wood powder, giving it a natural, warm feel. It’s an unusual four-spoke design, with a vertical spoke at the top of the wheel, and the center of the wheel features more of the glowy crystal stuff.

Even the tires are not only recyclable but also colored in an unusual manner. They’re made from what BMW calls “Vivid Blue Rubber” and are made from certified, sustainably cultivated rubber.

It wouldn’t be a futuristic concept car without futuristic tech. The BMW i Vision Circular uses a 100-percent solid-state battery pack, made from — you guessed it — recycled materials. It’s also said to feature bidirectional charging, so the i Vision Circular can either send power back to the grid, of even your home.

Now that’s cool!