BMW Vision Neue Klasse Concept Car Unveiled at IAA Munich 2023

The 2023 IAA Munich commenced yesterday, and BMW, once again, has a significant presence. The entire show primarily centers around electro-mobility, so it is unsurprising that the BMW display places a strong emphasis on their EV lineup. The highlight of their presentation is the new BMW Vision Neue Klasse, a futuristic concept car that offers a glimpse of the next generation of the BMW i3. However, this time, instead of the i3 hatch, we can expect a sedan.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse Teases Next-Generation i3 Sedan

Photos: Quirin Schoen

Design wise, the Vision Neue Klasse is a sleek and stylish sedan with a clean and minimalist design. It is characterized by its long, low profile, short overhangs, and large wheels. The front end features a large kidney grille with 3D-shaped LEDs, and the headlights are integrated into the grille. The side profile is smooth and flowing, with a Hofmeister kink at the rear created by the e-ink technology. The rear end features slim taillights and a full-width light bar. As a fun fact: the trunk spoiler is now part of the taillights.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse Interior Features Brand-New iDrive 10 and Panoramic Vision Display

Photos: Quirin Schoen

The interior of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse is equally futuristic. It starts with a brand new trapezoidal display powered by what could be the future iDrive 10. Complementing the infotainment system is the new BMW Panoramic Vision Display. Essentially, this is a full-width display that projects information onto the entire windshield, giving drivers and passengers all the information they need without having to take their eyes off the road.

The Panoramic Vision Display is made possible by a new projection technology that uses a dark-coated area at the lower edge of the windshield. This creates a sharp image that is always visible across the entire width of the windshield, even in bright sunlight. You can also transfer information from the central display to the Panoramic display by simply dragging the content.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse Ushers in New EV Platform with 800-Volt System

Photos: Quirin Schoen

The Neue Klasse marks the introduction of BMW’s forthcoming EV platform, touted as an 800-volt system employing a battery configuration with a 20 percent increase in energy density. Coupled with enhancements in aerodynamics, more efficient electric motors, and superior thermal management, BMW asserts that this combination can potentially extend the range by up to 30 percent when compared to the company’s existing EV drivetrain.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse to Get “Heart of Joy” Supercomputer for Ultimate Driving Dynamics

Photos: Quirin Schoen

The Neue Klasse cars will also get the “Heart of Joy”, a complex supercomputer which aims to deliver ultimate driving dynamics. The “Heart of Joy” marks a significant milestone for BMW, as it combines powertrain software and driving dynamics into a single, unified system.

Although its primary production is slated for Debrecen, Hungary, BMW is reportedly considering a division of production volumes with its United States-based plant to maximize the benefits of federal EV incentives available in the U.S.

[Photos: Quirin Schoen]