Following today’s earlier MINI Aceman leak, it seems the BMW Group is having a bad day. A leak on social media unveiled the interior of the anticipated 2025 BMW M5. The revealed image provides a comprehensive view of the G90 M5’s design elements, including a new flat-bottom steering wheel. The design largely mirrors that of the new 5 Series, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise, albeit enhanced with the unique M series design cues. The image also showcases carbon bucket seats, though M Sport seats will also be offered. Perhaps the most notable thing is the absence of a traditional gear shifter replaced by a toggle shifter. Overall, there are hardly any surprises inside. The technology is the same as in the 5 Series, including the iDrive 8.5 infotainment system, driving assistance features and all the other comfort features of a business sedan.

Isle of Man Green Is Part Of The Color Palette

Judging by the paint, we’re also looking at Isle Of Man Green, a color which will be offered for both the G90 M5 Sedan and G99 M5 Touring. We do anticipate though two launch colors, namely Brooklyn Grey and Frozen Deep Grey, which are reminiscent of those seen on the BMW i5 M60. There will also be a wide range of interior trims and leathers, as you’d expect on a car that sells in the six figures.

718 HP From Plug-in Hybrid Drivetrain

We’ll also like to remind you that the 2025 BMW M5 sedan and touring will be plug-in hybrids with a variation of the V8 powertrain used by the XM. We’re hearing it’s going to have 718 horsepower which is less than the 748 hp available in the XM Label Red. The V8 engine will be good for 577 hp and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft), while the electric motor is set to deliver 194 hp and 280 Nm (207 lb-ft). It’s likely that a future G90/G99 BMW M5 Competition will bring even more power. What’s cool though is that BMW is bringing back the high-performance wagon after nearly 15 years since the last M5 Touring E61 left the assembly line.

It’s Heavy

The engineers are reportedly installing a lithium-ion battery pack with a usable capacity of 18.6 kWh, which would be lower than the XM’s available 25.7 kWh. In comparison to a standard 5 Series Sedan (G60), the M5 is said to be 36 mm (1.4 in) longer and 70 mm (2.8 in) wider, resulting in dimensions of 5096 mm (200.6 in) in length and 1970 mm (77.5 in) in width. Due to the altered suspension geometry, the wheelbase will be slightly elongated compared to the standard model, which measures 2995 mm (117.9 in) between the axles.

BMW plans to equip the super sedan with staggered wheels, featuring 20-inch ones at the front with 285/40/20 tires and 21-inch ones at the rear with 295/35/21 rubber. The next-generation M5 is rumored to weigh a substantial 2,435 kilograms (5,368 pounds), making it 130 kg (287 lbs) heavier than the fully electric dual-motor i5 M60.

The G90 M5 Sedan is reportedly entering production in July 2024 while the G99 M5 Touring will hit the assembly line in November. BMW’s plan is to make the sedan until February 2031, with the wagon likely to bow out shortly thereafter. In March 2027, the dynamic duo is apparently set to receive the Panoramic Vision feature, a dashboard-wide head-up display. Other Neue Klasse design features will also arrive on the M5 platform, both outside and inside the car.