Every story you’ve read this week about the BMW i5 M60 has been about the new Touring but this one is different. We’re revisiting the sedan since the automaker’s South Korean division has launched an action-packed promotional video. Shot at the Vivaldi Park Ski World, the new clip shows the electric performance sedan racing down a ski slope.

We get to see the i5 M60 Sedan going up against a ski racer in the late hours of the day. Of course, it’s not really a race since that would be dangerous for both opponents. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt that has been done before. A couple of years ago, the iX xDrive50 went up the very same ski slope.

The new run took place on January 29, 2024, in less-than-ideal conditions for an electric vehicle since the temperatures dropped to -7°C (-19°F). The ski resort is located in Hongcheon, a city in the Gangwon Province. Behind the wheel of the car was Ki-Chul Song, Head of Driving Experience Korea, while the ski racer was Beom-Hee Cho, a former member of South Korea’s national ski team.

The two had to go down a slope that was 900 meters (nearly 3,000 feet) long, and while it’s unclear who won, that’s not really the point of this video. The i5 M60 is offered in South Korea alongside the lesser i5 eDrive40 and the regular 5 Series Sedan with gasoline engines (520i, 520i xDrive) and diesels (523d, 523d xDrive).

The i5 M60 was chosen not just because it’s the most exciting version of the G60-generation 5 Series (well, until the M5 arrives) but also because it’s the vehicle of choice for the skiers that are part of the national team. Painted in black with red brake calipers, the electric M Performance sedan had the 20-inch wheels (Style 940 M) with Hankook Winter i*cept evo3 tires.

Source: BMW Korea / YouTube