We have been busy talking about the return of the M5 Touring and whether it’s getting a US visa that we’ve almost neglected the sedan. Codenamed G90, the AMG E63 rival is making the headlines after a hiatus courtesy of new spy shots taken in Italy. Spotted testing during the late hours of the day, the super saloon looks just about ready to drop the camouflage and show us its wider hips.

Logic tells us BMW has already decided to reveal the sedan first and save the wagon (G99) for later in the year. The prototype was stalked in traffic by a BMWBLOG reader who stumbled upon the hotly anticipated seventh-generation M5. It’s going to be the second M model in history with a plug-in hybrid setup, and while it’s hard to notice it in the spy shots, there’s a charging port on the driver-side front fender.

The disguise does a good job of concealing the split rear diffuser we’ve already seen on other prototypes. A subtle trunk lid spoiler is noticeable if you squint your eyes, and those taillights seem to be the final ones BMW will install on customer cars. With the world premiere locked in for early summer, the M division is on the home stretch. It’s currently fine-tuning the G90 to make any necessary last-minute tweaks before series production starts, supposedly in July.

Photo by @Straccio

When it does eventually arrive, prepare to get acquainted with the heaviest 5 Series ever. Yes, the new M5 is expected to weigh even more than the electric i5 M60 sedan with its big battery and pair of electric motors. It’s rumored to weigh a colossal 2,435 kilograms (5,368 pounds), or 130 kilograms (287 pounds) more than the M Performance EV. Not only that but it’s also believed to be slightly longer and wider, along with having an elongated wheelbase. When you think about it, this is basically going to be an M7. Expect the M5’s dimensions to grow to roughly 5096 mm (200.6 in) in length and 1970 mm (77.5 in) in width.

Aside from being the biggest and heaviest 5 Series in history, the new M5 will also be the most potent. The twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 and electric motor inherited from the XM will be good for a yet-to-be-confirmed 718 horsepower. The e-motor will draw its necessary juice from an 18.6-kWh battery, and BMW will fit the car with 20-inch front wheels with 285/40/20 tires and 21-inch rear wheels wrapped in 295/35/21 rubber.

The M5 Touring should have nearly identical technical specifications, which we’ll discover in the latter half of 2024. We’re hearing production of the long-roof model will commence in November, so about four months after the sedan.

[Photos @Straccio]