We take a close look at the upcoming 2025 BMW M5 Touring (G99) and M5 sedan (G90). The new pair of M5s will bring a new design language based on the current generation 5 Series. In this video, we will analyze some of the design cues we expect to see, based on spy photos of the 2025 BMW M5, but also on information from sources.

The Design Is Based On The i5 M60

When we spoke last year with Domagoj Dukec, Head of Design at BMW, we learned that the new i5 M60 sedan and touring will serve as the basis for the upcoming M5 models. Compared to previous generations, the new design language is a departure from the typical design shapes and cues. The front-end design is clearly based on the i5 M60, and that comes as no surprise since BMW aims to bring the M Performance Automobile close to the full-on M5. The lights and kidney grille are nearly, if not identical to the ones on the i5 M60. But of course, the lower area of the front-end is not.

Following the usual M design approach, the front fascia boasts an aggressive appearance, with a massive air intake and air curtains. The kidney grille showcases horizontal bars, reportedly drawing inspiration from BMW’s Motorsport cars. The side view will feature wide fenders, a blacked-out rocker panel and two single sharp lines breaking down the height of the car.

The M5 Touring Might Be The Looker Of The Two

When it comes to the G99 M5 Touring, the sporty wagon will have a large roof spoiler that sticks out from the body and has extended sides flanking the third brake light. Slightly angled vertical red reflectors will be mounted at the corners of the rear bumper. There aren’t many surprised in the back, especially since the rear-end leaked. Luckily we’re still getting quad pipes paired with a unique diffuser. The taillights are similar to the ones on the regular 5 Series while the trunk gains a subtle spoiler.

No Surprises Inside

The interior of the BMW M5 is a racier version of the one in the regular 5 Series. So we will still see a large curved display powered by iDrive 8.5, paired with a proper M gear shifter and an M Sports steering wheel with a flat-bottom. No word on bucket seats for the base version, but if they don’t show up at launch time, they might at some point in the future.

In the video below, we use a digital pen to show you what the design might look like. The official reveal of the G90 M5 Sedan is scheduled in early Summer 2024, followed a few months later by the G99 M5 Touring. And yes, both are coming to the United States, despite all the confusing drama that happened this week.