The story of the week in the BMW world revolves around the upcoming G99 M5 Touring. And it all started at a press event in Lisbon where the BMW head of design Domagoj Dukec has allegedly stated that the M5 Touring is indeed heading to the United States. Since, there has been a retraction – also allegedly – followed by a statement from BMW of North America which is, as expected, very open ended, and simply vague.

It’s Coming, It’s Not Coming, It’s Coming…

Photo by @therealbstew

As mentioned nearly two years ago, the BMW M5 Touring is 99.99% going to arrive in the United States later this year. The unveiling is scheduled for this summer, with production commencing in November. The exact timing of the first allocations will determine its arrival in the US, which might be in late 2024 or early 2025. However, the specific date is not the main point of interest. What matters is that the introduction of this sports wagon was a direct response to a request from the BMW National Dealer Forum back in 2019.

The success of the Audi RS6 Avant on this side of the ocean prompted the dealers to ask for a similar product. And while BMW has inexplicably skipped the M3 Touring for the U.S., they weren’t going to pass on the opportunity of bringing a more expensive, more powerful and more powerful wagon to America.

Naturally, BMW’s press department remains tight-lipped about future products and their availability, adhering strictly to their planned communication strategy. This approach is understandable, given the extensive behind-the-scenes work involved in orchestrating a successful launch that aims to surprise the brand’s enthusiasts. However, in today’s digital era, maintaining the secrecy of a launch like the M5 Touring proves to be more challenging than ever.

Just Months Away From Its Unveil

As observed, news spreads rapidly, which is precisely what propelled the BMW M5 Touring to become the headline of the week. Mainstream media outlets rushed to publish articles on it, followed by another wave of pieces questioning their initial reports, and some, like us, even published a third article aiming to clarify the situation. Or, at the very least, to revisit the speculation surrounding the news.

Although we are not affiliated with BMW and have not received official confirmation from them regarding this “rumor,” we are fairly confident that the BMW M5 Touring will make its way to America. With that said, can we agree to move forward and patiently await a few more months until it officially hits the public eye?