The new BMW M5 (G90) has not been officially revealed yet, however, rendering artists are already looking ahead, envisioning the potential design of a future M5 CS model. While there has been no official confirmation from BMW about the development of another M5 CS, the pattern of production evolution for M series cars suggests that it’s highly probable. Typically, “CS” models are introduced 2-3 years following the launch of the base model, which would position the G90 M5 CS for a potential release around 2026-2027.

Typical CS Design Cues

Render by @germanysfinest

Previously mentioned, the upcoming 2025 BMW M5 takes design cues from the i5 M60 M Performance model. We learned in the past that the similarities include a front-end adorned with horizontal bars across the kidney grille, complemented by an aggressive front fascia showcasing a massive central intake and air curtains. The front spoiler adds a final dynamic touch to the design. True to the CS tradition, the headlights boast a yellow tint but they would be paired with a yellow Iconic Glow grilel frame. Of course, the carbon fiber hood is equipped with dual air vents to enhance cooling. There are no renders of the rear-end, but it’s not hard to imagine what an M5 CS would bring: a redesigned carbon fiber diffuser, a sportier trunk spoiler and likely an enhanced exhaust system.

Likely More Than 750 HP

Render by @germanysfinest

It’s still too early to talk about the exact power figures, but we can at least guestimate. The base G90 M5 will use the S68 4.4 liter V8 paired with an electric motor producing 718 horsepower. Majority of the power (557 hp) will come from the V8. Now if BMW were to make an M5 CS, then it could certainly get in the 750-800 horsepower range. We already know that the engine – on its own – can make at least 617 horsepower.

Of course, every little bit of extra power will help because the 2025 BMW M5 will be a heavy beast – rumored to weigh 2,435 kilograms (5,368 pounds), making it 130 kg (287 lbs) heavier than the fully electric dual-motor i5 M60. BMW will likely try to shed some of that weight in an M5 CS, but usually the savings are modest and not enough to alter the driving dynamics of the car. What we do hope to see in a new BMW M5 CS is the inclusion of carbon bucket seats in the rear as well.

The prospect of another BMW M5 CS is exciting. The current F90 M5 CS is one of the best driving BMWs of the last decade – a car that’s highly praised for its driving dynamics, performance and, not surprisingly, look. So BMW, let’s get to work and see if you can deliver an even better M5 CS! [ Photos: