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VIDEO: BMW M5 CS vs Porsche Panamera Turbo S—Drag Race

Any Porsche with “Turbo S” on its hindquarters is nigh-impossible to beat in a straight line drag race. Even when they don’t make the most power, Stuttgart’s Turbo S drag strip dominance has been consistent…

A BMW M5 CS is Already Up for Sale on Bring a Trailer

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Doug DeMuro says the M5 CS is BMW’s Hellcat

Doug DeMuro reviews the BMW M5 CS and compares it to the popular Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The M5 CS scores extremely high in Doug’s own charts that he deems it his duty to call it…

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VIDEO: Can the BMW M5 CS Destroy Most Supercars?

It only takes a few dozen yards of driving the BMW M5 CS to know it’s truly something special. The M5 CS is so special feeling that its 626 horsepower twin-turbo V8–which makes it the…