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BMW M5 CS to be offered as BMW M Award in MotoGP

Every year, since 2003, BMW has been offering a very special prize to the fastest driver in the MotoGP qualification. Dubbed the BMW M Award, this prize was won by several world champions before and…

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BMW M5 CS vs BMW M2 CS — Which is More Special?

There’s a lot to complain about, in this modern era of the automobile. Cars are becoming too big and heavy, too numb, and, despite automakers’ best efforts, simply aren’t efficient enough. However, there are still…

BMW 0-60 mph: Which is the fastest BMW in 2021?

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VIDEO: BMW M5 CS — Top Ten Things to Know

At the moment, the BMW M5 CS is sort Bavaria’s media darling. Enthusiasts, can’t stop talking about the M5 CS and for good reason — it seems flipping awesome. However, there’s quite a bit of…