This week has been all about sales figures as BMW looked back on a successful 2023 during which it set many records. Last year was also great for the luxury brand in India where deliveries grew by 18% to 13,303 units. Demand was particularly strong in the Luxury Class segment (7 Series, X7, XM) as shipments of these large vehicles increased by an impressive 88%.

As expected, the SUVs did most of the heavy lifting in the past twelve months. Combined sales of X models accounted for 54% of total shipments. With demand increasing by 24% year-over-year, the entry-level X1 crossover was the most popular product of them all after posting a 20% contribution in overall sales. Interestingly, the pricey X7 was the brand’s second-best-selling SUV in 2023.

Sedans aren’t dead yet considering the 3 Series had a 20% share in total shipments last year in the world’s most populous country. Elsewhere, the iX took the crown for the best-selling largest EV in India, consolidating BMW’s position as the best-selling luxury brand in the country’s electric segment for the second year in a row. Deliveries of zero-emission vehicles tripled, reaching 1,474 units.

MINI had an excellent 2023 as well after shipments blossomed by 22% to 869 units. Locally produced, the Countryman was the brand’s best-selling car in India, accounting for 55% of total MINI shipments. Deliveries of the Cooper SE more than doubled compared to 2022, making it the second-most popular MINI with a share of 28%. The Cooper SE also took the crown for the best-selling premium hatchback in India.

Combined, BMW Group India was up by 18% to 14,172 units. At the two-wheeled division, BMW Motorrad sold 8,768 units, or 20% more than the year before.

On a related note, India got the first BMW dealership to wear the Retail Next showroom identity at the end of 2023. It adopts a lounge-like atmosphere with few cars surrounded by high-end furniture that sends a cozy vibe. It contains a workshop with three service bays and a special section for purchasing accessories and lifestyle items.

Source: BMW India