Online sales are gaining traction, but brick-and-mortar stores remain hugely important for the BMW Group. So much so that the German luxury brand is pouring money into a new corporate identity it intends to roll out across the world in the coming years. The Retail Next concept is already visible at some dealers, with the most recent example being the BMW Grand Brasil in Alphaville, Sao Paulo.

India is joining the list of countries to feature BMW’s Retail Next with the Speed Motorwagen dealership located at the following address: 607, Mauja Artoni, NH2, Agra, Uttar Pradesh. As with the other showrooms that have adopted the new look, the idea is to mimic the ambiance of a boutique hotel. As such, the building isn’t crammed with cars. In fact, there are only three on permanent display.

The dealership has a dedicated area from where visitors can purchase accessories and lifestyle items, along with a workshop featuring three service bays. There’s a new layout of the floorplan and high-end furniture to create a cozy atmosphere with lounge-like seating. Both sales and service departments are accessible through a single entrance and can be found on the same floor.

BMW says its Retail Next corporate identity isn’t limited to a fresh interior design but also about implementing “new processes, digital tools and roles.” Ideally, the luxury brand wants to make you the “star of the showroom.” The concept isn’t new as work started even before the coronavirus pandemic. The process was accelerated after the company discovered more and more people in the United States prefer to configure their cars instead of buying whatever is available on the dealer’s lots.

It’s worth noting dealers are still going to be involved even when direct sales will commence in select markets across Europe. They’ll earn a fixed commission after finalizing the deal. MINI will be the first to adopt the agency model in 2024, with the core BMW brand to follow in 2026.

Source: BMW India