2024 marks a significant year for BMW M, as they plan to refresh their popular M3 and M4 models. Additionally, BMW M is set to unveil the next generation of the M5 Sedan and M5 Wagon. Production for the 2025 BMW M5 Sedan will commence in July 2024, followed by the M5 Touring in November of the same year. Even before its official debut, early leaks have provided us with a glimpse of its potential design. Drawing from these leaks and recent spy photos, we’ve created a series of renders showcasing a possible look for the G90 BMW M5 Sedan.

Looks Aggressive in Frozen Deep Grey

It’s worth noting that we anticipate two launch colors, namely Brooklyn Grey and Frozen Deep Grey, which are reminiscent of those seen on the BMW i5 M60. In connection with the high-end electric 5 Series, BMW has already hinted that several design elements from that vehicle will be incorporated into the new M5. The front-end will most certainly come with horizontal slats in the kidney grille (illuminated btw), paired with a more aggressive bumper, typical to full M cars. Other than that, we don’t expect major changes at the front. Historically, the M5 has always presented a “safe design.”

The side view stands out with massive fenders which emphasize the boldness of this 2025 BMW M5. The dynamic lines are even more obvious when you show the car in this Frozen Deep Grey. Naturally, large wheels are part of the package, along with M mirrors. There aren’t many surprised in the back, especially since the rear-end leaked. Luckily we’re still getting quad pipes paired with a unique diffuser.

The muscular corners of the bumper contained slightly angled vertical reflectors that seemed longer than those fitted to the i5 M60 to lend the rear a more imposing presence. The electric M Performance version also has a much smaller rear spoiler and its diffuser is far less aggressive. The taillights are similar to the ones on the regular 5 Series while the trunk gains a subtle spoiler. The overall squarish shapes of the G60 5 Series are even more pronounced on the G90 M5.

4.4 liter V8 plug-in hybrid with 718 horsepower

We’ll remind you the 2025 BMW M5 sedan and touring will be plug-in hybrids with a variation of the V8 powertrain used by the XM. We’re hearing it’s going to have 718 horsepower which is less than the 748 hp available in the XM Label Red. But it’s likely that a future BMW M5 Competition will bring even more power. What’s cool though is that BMW is bringing back the high-performance wagon after nearly 15 years since the last M5 Touring E61 left the assembly line.

Of course, the most exciting aspect of the new BMW M5 is that we will finally get an M touring in the United States. The 2025 BMW M5 Touring (Sports Wagon G99) will arrive in 2025 and it will be one of the most exciting M cars we’ve gotten in a while. We don’t expect the wagon to be limited in numbers, but overall, it’s likely to be less popular than its sedan counterpart. Yet, we would still pick the M5 Wagon before anything else.