The BMW X6 coupe crossover  will get a fourth generation in 2028. The current model will have an extended life cycle before it bows out to make room for the 2028 BMW X6, codename G66. Just like the upcoming 2027 BMW X5, the new BMW X6 will be based on the CLAR platform. This means that the new 2028 BMW X6 will be available with a variety of powertrain options, including combustion engines, hybrid engines, and electric motors.

CLAR Platform for Both Combustion and Electric Models

One of the key highlights of the forthcoming 2028 BMW X6 will undoubtedly be the introduction of the BMW iX6 electric SUV, marking a significant departure from the norm. Interestingly, the iX6 will share its foundation with the CLAR architecture, as opposed to the upcoming Neue Klasse. This decision raises intriguing questions about whether it’s primarily driven by timing and rollout schedules. Opting for a dedicated platform would have brought distinct advantages in terms of packaging, design, and range optimization.

The BMW iX6 is poised to utilize a dual-motor system, delivering substantial and immediate power to drivers. Projections – based on the upcoming Gen6 technology – indicate a noteworthy improvement in range, expected to exceed 30 percent compared to current BMW electric vehicles, comfortably pushing it into the 400-mile range category. Additionally, we can anticipate the incorporation of some Neue Klasse technology into the CLAR-based electric models, ensuring a well-rounded and compelling offering.

Luckily We Will Still Get Six-Cylinder and V8 Engines

Beneath the bonnet, the 2028 BMW X6 G66 will once again present a compelling array of powertrain options that seamlessly blend performance with sustainability. Enthusiasts can look forward to the return of the iconic B58 3.0-liter six-cylinder and the new S68 4.4-liter V8 engines, catering to those with a penchant for a thrilling driving experience. While reports suggest that the V8 engine may not be available in Europe, it is slated to be a pivotal component of the U.S. model lineup. In the end, Americans love their big V8s.

Notably, sources indicate that there won’t be a plug-in hybrid variant of the BMW X6, mirroring the strategy of the previous generation. Furthermore, the availability of a diesel option in Europe remains uncertain; however, it appears likely that some diesel offerings will persist in the lineup.

We Don’t Expect a Major Design Change

While the design of the 2028 BMW X6 G66 remains shrouded in mystery, we anticipate the model staying true to its tradition of combining the coupe look with that of a crossover. We also expect this new design to be more of an evolution of the current X6 lineup rather than a totally revolutionary design.

Of course, as hinted by BMW designers, some Neue Klasse design cues could end up in the CLAR-based models, bridging the gap between two distinctive design languages. The upcoming BMW X3 (G45) and iX3 (NA5) will give us a better idea of what the bridged cap would look like. One thing is almost certain though: the X7’s split headlights will not find their way into the X6 family.

Within the cabin, the spotlight will be on the latest iteration of the BMW iDrive infotainment system. A few days ago, we had a glimpse of the new iDrive system. Of course, BMW used the Vision Neue Klasse to showcase that tech but refrained from confirming whether the same software UI and tech will be used in future CLAR-based models.

Naturally, the 2028 BMW X6 will likely feature a substantial display and a reduced number of physical buttons. Moreover, the G66 BMW X6 will integrate the most recent Driving Assistance Systems, advancing towards Level 3 autonomy, which exemplifies BMW’s dedication to enhancing both safety and convenience. It’s also possible that a Level 3+ or Level 4 could be ready by 2028 for production series models.

Release Date

The anticipated launch date for the 2028 BMW X6 in the United States is set for late 2028. As we draw nearer to the production date, pricing details are expected to be disclosed. Earlier reports this year indicated that the forthcoming generation of 1 Series and X3 models with gasoline engines would omit the letter “it” from their names, and it appears BMW is poised to follow a similar nomenclature shift with the new BMW X6.

While the BMW X6 may not enjoy the same level of popularity as its sibling, the X5, it remains a compelling choice for buyers seeking a luxurious and adaptable SUV with coupe-inspired aesthetics.