BMW introduced the XM Label Red more than a month ago but so far we’ve only seen the super SUV in Individual Frozen Carbon Black metallic as part of a special edition limited to 500 units globally. Thankfully, the German configurator has been updated to include not only the new 5 Series G60, but also the automaker’s most powerful production vehicle ever.

Love it or loathe it, BMW will tell you the XM Label Red is the supreme M for now, so it’s no wonder it costs a pretty penny. As if you needed additional proof that car prices have gotten out of hand in recent years, the flagship Bimmer retails from €203,000 at home in Deutschland. That makes it a cool €25,000 more than the regular V8 version, with a cheaper inline-six XM 50e on the way. Despite its exorbitant price tag, you can still add options to increase the final bill even further and go deeper into supercar territory.

As a matter of fact, the XM Label Red you’re looking at costs an eye-watering €218,120 with all boxes on the options list ticked, except for the ones pertaining to Service Inclusive. You can technically hit the €220,000 mark since the configurator only shows the SUV in the no-cost M Brooklyn Grey metallic, but Individual paints are available should you be willing to spend more. Back in February, BMW added Urban Green, Petrol Mica, Anglesey Green, and Sepia to the color palette. The company’s swanky new Individual Visualizer lets you configure the XM in all possible hues.

This fully loaded 738-horsepower XM Label Red has 23-inch wheels with Black and Night Gold accents as well as the Shadowline trim. Even though it’s the M model, BMW still charges an additional €2,450 for the M Driver’s Package to loosen up the top speed limiter and enable the electrified mastodont hit 180 mph (290 km/h). Red or blue brake calipers are another €500, while the Driving Assistant Professional is €2,750.

To reach that astronomical price tag, we have also added the optional €1,350 tow bar, the €4,450 Bowers & Wilkins sound system, and a €260 garage opener. You’d think that somewhere in the region of €220,000 would make it the most expensive BMW money can buy, but an i7 M70 with all possible extras costs even more.

Source: BMW Germany