It’s a busy week for BMW as aside from unveiling the XM in Label Red and 50e flavors, it has also relaunched its online visualizer for Individual paints. The website – which can be found at the source link below – is a major improvement over the old version as it not only has higher-resolution images but even wonderfully detailed short walkaround videos.

The cars are faithfully replicated by showing the finer details, right down to the carbon fiber roof and illuminated kidney grille. Depending on the model, the color palette can be quite vast, especially in the case of the 7 Series with its swanky two-tone finishes. BMW fans can choose from uni, metallic, and matte (Frozen) exteriors, with each showing the internal paint code and the color’s full official name.

We took a few screenshots to show how configurable the BMW Individual Visualizer is, ranging from the lowly 1 Series in the M135i hot hatch guise all the way up to the mighty XM. It should be noted that some models are currently missing, such as the 5 Series Sedan (but not the Touring) and the 6 Series Gran Turismo. The one we’re waiting to see is the M2 G87, but it’s likely only a matter of time before it will be added. Interestingly, the X2 is there even though production of the first-generation model ended last year.

Once you’re done configuring your ideal spec, the build can be shared on social media or you can save a direct link for future viewing. One neat feature implemented in the new website is a digital brochure of your build, showing the car from all exterior angles as well as in a 41-second video. Needless to say, you can save the images and the video on your personal computer.

The old configurator – which is still available at a different address listed below – allows you to change the wheels. Hopefully, this feature is coming to the new website as well. You can compare the two sites by accessing the links below.

Source: BMW Individual Visualizer (new version), BMW Individual Visualizer (old version)