Timeless. What exactly does that word mean or infer? Is the G87 BMW M2 timeless in its design? Perhaps the definition of the word “timeless” is subjective. However, garden variety examples of “timeless” could be the traditional black and white tuxedo, a Rolex Submariner or Audrey Hepburn’s old-Hollywood glamour. This one-of-a-kind BMW M2 was created by Chris Marino, General Manager of Spokane BMW, who focused on a unique build.

In the past, Marino has sought out BMW’s Individual and Performance Parts catalogues to design one-off examples, and this Toronto Red Metallic M2 is his latest offering—and it does not disappoint from any angle. “When the tarp is removed and this M2 dusted off, will it stand the test of time? I would venture to say yes,” Marino tells us.

Many manufacturers—including BMW themselves—have gone to great lengths in an attempt to recreate the magic of their past successes. BMW is constantly chasing the ghosts of the 2002 Turbo, 3.0 CSL, and the E30 M3. And arguably, none of these started as classics. Which brings us back to the discussion of how the G87 M2 will be revered.

The G87 M2, it could be argued, will go down as a classic and timeless BMW that came about as an unforced evolution of the first generation F87 M2. It wasn’t so long ago that 400 hp in a BMW was reserved for something a little higher-up in the M-food chain, like the E9 M5. Now, you can get over 450 horsepower out of an M2. While it is hard to call any BMW that costs this much a “value proposition,” the M2 offers performance that is hard to find at any price.

But in the meantime, this BMW M2 went through a series of visual upgrades. For started, it features the BMW Performance Exhaust made of titanium shedding 18 lbs of weight over the stock exhaust. While the horsepower gains of the exhaust aren’t immediately apparent, it is likely that a few extra horsepower are assured.

The quirky exhaust is also paired with carbon finer diffuser which goes really well with the Toronto Red color. This G87 M2 also gets a carbon fiber splitter and air intakes, carbon fiber side skirt attachments and carbon fiber side spats front and rear. Inside, owners could enjoy an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel with a 12 o’clock blue market.

New M Performance wheels are also available, made of a single piece of aluminum. They have a cross-spoke design measuring 20 inches in diameter at the front axle and 21 inches at the rear, which can be ordered in a choice of M Frozen Gold Bronze or M Jet Black matte. You can see more photos in the gallery below.

[Photos: Chris Marino / Spokane BMW]