When BMW unveiled the production-ready XM in September 2022, it announced the plug-in hybrid SUV would be available with a choice between seven colors. These were Carbon Black, Mineral White, Marina Blue Bay, Dravit Grey, Toronto Red, Cape York Green, and Sapphire Black. If none of them tickle your fancy, four additional hues will be available to order from April 2023.

New Colors in April 2023

Adjustments made to the paint shop at the Spartanburg factory where the dedicated M model is made allow BMW to offer a quartet of Individual paints: Urban Green, Petrol Mica, Anglesey Green, and Sepia. These are not exclusive to the XM as we’ve seen them before on other high-end models and are now being offered for the electrified SUV. In total, the Munich-based automaker has promised more than 50 Individual paint finishes will be available.

These special colors go through a separate manufacturing process that necessitates additional manual labor. BMW mentions “a particularly precise surface treatment and a careful finish ensure that they are characterized by impressive color depth and maximum brilliance.” For these reasons, Individual paints command a significant premium over regular hues, especially the matte Frozen ones.

Logic tells us the $185,000+ XM Label Red coming later this year in limited numbers as BMW’s most powerful production car ever will get its own set of special colors. In fact, we won’t be too surprised if at least one of them will be exclusive to the large SUV. Customizing the V8-powered mastodont goes well beyond choosing the paint as there are numerous personalization options, including 23-inch wheels and the Shadowline trim.

Lest we forget about the gold accents on the outside and the Coffee Brown vintage leather on the inside where it can be combined with Deep Lagoon upholstery. Another optional feature is the sun protection glazing for the rear side windows, allowing only 5% light transmission to guarantee privacy against prying eyes.

Source: BMW