The drag race many of us have been waiting for has finally happened. Carwow lined up the BMW M3 Touring against the Audi RS4 Avant to see which of the two super wagons is quicker to the quarter mile mark. The Munich-based marque took its sweet time coming after Ingolstadt’s speedy family estate, but as you are about to see, it was well worth the wait.

Both the long-roof M3 and RS4 have six-cylinder engines, all-wheel drive, and automatic transmissions, but there are still quite a few differences between the two. For starters, the BMW is substantially more powerful by packing 510 hp and 650 Nm or 60 hp and 50 Nm more than the Audi. On the flip side, the long-awaited G81 tips the scales at 1,865 kilograms, making it 120 kg heavier than the model carrying the Four Rings.

Even though the RS4 Avant had a better launch in the first drag race, the M3 Touring evaporated the gap and was the first to cross the finish line. With a better start in the subsequent duel, the BMW proved to be even faster in the quarter mile. Realizing the V6-powered wagon can’t beat its inline-six rival, the folks at Carwow started to add passengers inside the M3 to make it heavier and therefore narrow the performance gap.

Putting a person in the front passenger seat didn’t do the trick as the fast Touring still won without breaking a sweat. It was the same outcome with one, and then two passengers in the back. It was only after adding a third rear passenger the Avant managed to triumph in a drag race.

The RS4 didn’t stand a chance in the rolling races at 50 mph (80 km/h) to the half-mile mark. It was yet another win for the M3 Touring in the brake test from 100 mph (161 km/h) as even though it was the heavier car, it stopped in the shortest distance.

With the RS4 Avant settling for second place, let’s wait and see how the AMG C63 Estate with its intricate four-cylinder hybrid powertrain will fare against Bavaria’s mighty wagon.

Source: Carwow / YouTube