We’ve seen our fair share of accidents, but this one still has us scratching our heads as we can’t fully understand what went wrong. Footage recorded in Belgium at the famous Spa-Francorchamps track during a car meet shows a previous-generation BMW M3 smashing into an Audi RS4 Avant. The incident occurred last weekend during the Les Bruleurs De Gommes, which is touted by the organizer as being the “biggest sports car event” in the country.

The cars that were on the track at that moment weren’t going all that fast, and that includes the M3 F80. However, the BMW driver somehow lost control of the sports sedan and hit the high-performance Audi wagon that was standing still on the side of the road. The RS4 in question was the official Safety Car and had the roof lights flashing.



Onlookers filmed the peculiar crash from multiple angles, showing the M3 rear-ending the RS4 and deploying at least one airbag in the process. Even though the collision occurred at a relatively low speed, the aftermath shows both cars will need some expensive repairs. The BMW’s front passenger door crumpled and the rear one was damaged as well but to a lesser extent. As for the Audi, it’s going to need new taillights and a rear bumper, not to mention having to iron out the tailgate’s dents and replace its smashed glass.

It’s unclear why the RS4 was standing on the side of the road or why the M3’s driver lost control of the vehicle, although smashing the gas a bit too enthusiastically might have been the cause. Lack of grip due to cold tires might’ve been the culprit, especially since we’re dealing with a car that sends well over 400 horsepower to the rear wheels. The driver’s lack of experience and/or a failed attempt to show off his skills are plausible scenarios as well.

Source: mateo_ntl / Tik Tok, Arthur Materne Production / YouTube, arthurrrr20 / Tik Tok