The M3 Touring and X5 M are both high-performance models that double as family cars with loads of features, a posh cabin, and generous cargo capacity. Both come exclusively with all-wheel drive and automatic transmissions, but this is where the similarities pretty much end. One is a wagon with an inline-six engine and the other is a brawny SUV with a larger V8.

Carwow decided to line up the long-awaited super wagon against a pre-LCI version of what used to be BMW M’s flagship SUV before the XM arrived. The M3 Touring has a 115-horsepower deficit and it’s also down on torque by 100 Nm (74 lb-ft), but it makes up for that by being substantially lighter. Indeed, the belated AMG C63 Estate rival carries around 545 fewer kilograms (1,201 pounds) than the muscular SUV.

Despite having a less potent inline-six engine, the M3 Touring was unquestionably the quicker car in the drag races. The V8-powered behemoth couldn’t keep up with the more agile wagon as it crossed the finish line with a 0.4-second delay. The X5 M Competition did have its revenge in the first rolling race from 50 mph (80 km/h) to the half-mile mark but lost the second one when the driving mode was changed from Efficient to Sport Plus.

In the final showdown, the two M cars underwent a braking test and had to come to a halt from 100 mph (160 km/h). Surprisingly, the substantially heavier car stopped first and it did it by about half a car length. Maybe it was because of the tires, grip, and/or the driver’s reaction, but we were expecting the wagon to win this duel.

It should be noted BMW has discontinued the non-Competition X5 M with the LCI introduced for the 2024 model year. It’ll be interesting to see the facelifted model go up against the M5 Touring, but that won’t happen in the near future as the speedy wagon codenamed G99 is not due until around 2025.

Source: Carwow / YouTube