As we recently learned, a BMW M5 Touring is in the works and it could possibly make its way to the U.S. market. Just typing that sentence made me giddy, as the next-generation ‘G99’ BMW M5 Touring has the potential to be an incredible machine. Plus, it would be the first M5 Touring since the E61-generation. It should also be a looker, as BMW’s wagons are always more handsome than their sedan counterparts. This new render shows of a very handsome looking performance wagon that would immediately be one of the coolest Bimmers on sale.

The BMW M5 Touring render seen here takes the current M5 and gives it a new face. Its kidney grille has grown substantially versus the current car’s, its headlights are a bit sleeker and sort of bend upward, and its front air intakes are aggressive. I don’t love this rendered face and I’m hoping BMW can come up with something a bit more handsome than this.

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The rest of the render gets i4-like flush door handles, quad exhaust pipes, and new taillights. The latter of which are simply two thin horizontal LEDs that look far more modern than the current car’s taillights.  It also has low side skirts and a subtle roof spoiler. Like other modern Bimmers, it also has a lovely shoulder line that makes it look more premium without making it looks too obnoxious.

Under the skin, this new G99 BMW M5 Touring will feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain, inching the M5 closet to full electrification. The engine will be the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 from the BMW XM, which will pair with an electric motor that will make upwards of 750 horsepower. We know the powertrain is capable of that, since the BMW XM Label Red will have 750 horsepower. That will likely make it the fastest BMW ever made when it finally debuts, as it will be lighter than the XM Label Red. All of its electric torque, from its hybrid powertrain, should help it overcome its weight penalty.

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Will the BMW M5 Touring make its way to North America? That isn’t clear just yet but we’re hearing that BMW hasn’t closed the door on such a possibility just yet. BMW likely saw the success that Audi’s had with the RS6 Avant and realized that there’s a market for big, expensive, performance wagons in the U.S. We aren’t expecting it but our fingers our crossed.

[Source: FutureCarsNow]