It’s the end of an era as ALPINA has assembled the very last B7 after decades of pampering the 7 Series beyond the high-end fit and finish already provided by BMW.  The Buchloe-based company took to social media to reveal “the end of production of an icon” after working on the 7er since the late 1980s when the original B11 3.5 came out based on the second-generation 7 Series (E23).

ALPINA therefore also confirms what we first reported in the second half of July about the potential demise of the B7 altogether. Indeed, the official announcement includes the following statement: “With the latest change in the BMW G11/12 series to the G70 generation, the era of the BMW ALPINA B7 is coming to an end in the ALPINA automobile manufactory. We look back at the fascinating automobiles which came about in Buchloe on the basis of the BMW 7 Series.”


It’s unclear whether the B7 will return one day, but it looks as though there are slim chances of a new model based on the seventh-generation 7er. As a refresher, ALPINA will effectively become a member of the BMW Group after the current deal expires at the end of 2025. From statements made by high-ranked officials, ALPINA models from 2026 will focus on luxury to bridge the gap between the upper-spec 7 Series version and the most attainable Rolls-Royce.

A recent statement made by BMW’s Vice President, Head of Series Luxury Class, Christian Tschurtschenthaler, puts the future of the B3 in jeopardy as it might cheapen the brand’s image: “Does it make sense then that someone spends that €250,000 or €300,000 money on an ALPINA then sees a B3 come alongside at a traffic light?”

Until the current deal expires, it’s business as usual for ALPINA. The B3/D3 Sedan and Touring along with the XB7 were recently updated to follow the 3 Series and X7 LCI. This year, we also saw the B4 Gran Coupe as a new entry into the lineup.

Source: ALPINA Belgium / Facebook