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VIDEO: Check Out This Awesome E65 ALPINA B7 Project

The E65 7 Series is infamous for being horrifically unreliable. Tell a BMW enthusiast that you’re thinking for buying an E65 and they’ll tell you to run for your life. Not only were E65s unreliable,…

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ALPINA B7 Production Ends, No Replacement Planned

It’s the end of an era as ALPINA has assembled the very last B7 after decades of pampering the 7 Series beyond the high-end fit and finish already provided by BMW.  The Buchloe-based company took…

This 2008 E65 ALPINA B7 For Sale is Tempting but Scary

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One-Of-A-Kind: 1987 ALPINA B7 Turbo/3

There’s a lot of talk circulating about the most current iteration of the ALPINA B7 – the tweaked BMW 7 Series, tuned up and given the once over from coachworks company ALPINA. Reserved for only…