We honestly weren’t expecting ALPINA to introduce a GT version of the B3 so soon. After all, the B5 GT came at the very end of the 5 Series G30/G31’s life cycle, but the smaller G20/G21 models still have several years left. After a double debut earlier this month, the dynamic duo has hit the Sachsenring track in Germany for a photo shoot.

The B3 GT models were in some great company as ALPINA brought a few classic cars to remind us of the company’s illustrious past. The future looks bright now that the Buchloe brand is part of the BMW Group family. We can say with certainty that electrified models will arrive at some point, mandated by increasingly stringent emissions regulations. As much as enthusiasts would only want to see inline-six and V8 cars, ALPINA must adapt to survive in the electrified era.

Meanwhile, there’s still time to buy a B3 with a good ol’ six-cylinder engine. The “S58” now makes more power than before as the GT version has added 34 hp, at 522 hp. Torque remains unchanged, at a massive 538 lb-ft (730 Nm) or well over the 479 lb-ft (650 Nm) available in the M3 Competition and M3 CS models. As always, the ALPINA models will be the rarest of them all, so seeing one driving down the street will be a real occasion.

The B3 GT Touring is hands down one of the best all-rounder money can buy, and you don’t have to live with the M3’s obnoxious grille. It will cost you six figures to buy a B3, which kicks off in Germany at €101,700 for the sedan. The long-roof model begins at €102,900. The two cars might not look as classy as their forebearers but give it 10-20 years and our tastes might change.

ALPINA is expected to retire the current B3 in the second half of the decade when BMW will sunset the G20 and G21. With ambitions to go upmarket, the two cars might not live to see another generation. The focus will be on larger and more expensive models, which is why the B7 is likely to return.