BMW has refused to launch an M4 Gran Coupe, deciding instead to make the M440i the range-topping version. While a full-fat M4 is not going to happen, the ALPINA B4 has always been an excellent substitute. It’s especially true now that the GT has brought more power, offering a meaty 522 hp and 730 Nm (538 lb-ft). And yes, it has the same “S58” engine as the M3 and M4 models.

While ALPINAs are typically marketed as comfortable gran tourers, the B4 GT is featured here on a German track. The sporty liftback was photographed at the Sachsenring alongside the B3 GT Sedan/Touring and a few classic models from Buchloe. Those 20-inch forged wheels have the Classic design we’ll forever appreciate but the Oro Tecnico is a bit too flashy for our tastes.

That’s not to say the B4 GT is unattractive. Sure, it shares the love/hate kidney grille with the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe but it’s still a classy car. The updates introduced for the 2025 model year have brought sharper-looking headlights and laser taillights. These changes were made to align the B4 with the equivalent BMW model that went through a nip and tuck.

Does the B4 have a long future ahead? Unlikely. Earlier this year, we reported that BMW doesn’t intend to launch another generation of the 4 Series with combustion engines. The Neue Klasse platform will underpin several electric cars in this segment, and there’s a good chance some will receive the ALPINA treatment.

At €105,100 in Germany, the B4 GT is a pricy car. However, it costs virtually the same as an M3 Competition with xDrive. It all comes down to personal preferences as some prefer to fly under the radar and get the ALPINA. Others want a more shouty car, deciding to opt for the look-at-me M3 with its more polarizing design.