2023 will bring to market one of BMW’s most important models – the 5 Series G60. Once considered the backbone of the entire BMW lineup, the new 5 Series will change its typical engine lineup. The emphasis is on the electrification of the G60 5 Series family, so naturally some powerplants will disappear. And the most important one of them is rumored to be the 4.4 liter V8. According to insiders, the BMW M550i will not be part of the refreshed 5 Series. Instead, we will likely get an M560e variant.

M550i – The King of V8 Models

The BMW M550i is one of the best 5 Series ever made by the Bavarians. Thanks to its 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8, the M550i delivers true M performance and was often touted as a better buy that the M5. Of course, the news come as a surprise, considering that BMW has just unveiled a new V8 (S68) engine. The refreshed powerplant – engineered by the M division – will be featured in several M models, and M Performance editions. So we certainly expected the S68 to end up in an M550i.

Welcome the BMW M560e

But BMW is moving towards an electric future. Therefore, having a wide range of plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars in their lineup makes more sense than ever before. Enter the BMW M560e. The new top PHEV model of the G60 lineup will likely use the same drivetrain as the new BMW M760e. Using the B58 six-cylinder engine, paired with an electric motors and a battery pack, the M560e could make around 560-570 horsepower. Of course, it will send all that power to all wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Other plug-in hybrid are also planned, both with four and six cylinder powerplants. But of course, the lineup will vary from market to market.

The revamped 5 Series Sedan is apparently scheduled to enter production in July 2023 and exit the assembly line in June 2030. The G61 5 Series Touring will follow suit, with a start of production date in March 2024 and ending in February 2031. So if you’re looking to grab the fantastic V8-powered BMW M550i, you still have some time to head over to your local dealership.