Green colors made a comeback in the BMW lineup a few years ago and ever since, almost every new model released featured some sort of a green shade. But of course, there isn’t a green more iconic than the British Racing Green. The color has been a staple of the automotive world for decades, though, there are seemingly countless variations of it. While the name obviously evokes images of old Jaguars and Aston Martins, not typically BMWs, it looks great on this refreshed BMW X7. The BMW Individual color was just spotted by us on the M Performance X7 M60i model and it is an absolutely stunning paint job.

Classy and Iconic Green Shade

Clearly, this is an optional paint so it comes with a price tag in the thousands. But once you spend over $100,000 on the X7 M60i, the addition of a BMW Individual color doesn’t seem too crazy. Or out of norm. And it simply works with the unique design of the BMW X7 facelift.

Not only does the British Racing Green go hand-in-hand with the blacked out air intakes and breathers at the front, but it also creates a nice contour around the split headlights. Furthermore, the special green emphasizes the complex surfaces on the side, giving the car a sporty and luxurious look at the same time.

Now let’s assume that this green is not your cup of tea. Don’t fret. BMW has you covered with the facelifted X7. You get an optional Frozen Marina Bay BlueAmetrine Metallic and Frozen Pure Grey Metallic. There are of course a ton of new Individual colors available too, including Daytona Violet and Ruby Red.

To perfectly compliment the British Racing Green exterior, the interior was given BMW’s Cognac leather with a wood trim. That’s always been the classic British color scheme — green with some sort of tan/brown interior. It’s an iconic color combination that will always look good.

The beauty of this color combo is it makes a relatively massive and bold car feel far more special. Countless BMW X7 models flood the streets of American suburbia but almost all of them are monochromatic; black, white, and grey. However, getting a BMW X7 with a color combo like this one will not only help it stand out among the sea of boring looking colors but it will also make the ownership experience even better. Because you can never go wrong with British Racing Green.