BMW limits the maximum wheel size for the X7 to 23 inches. Should you want an even bigger set, you can always count on the aftermarket scene. This facelifted version of the biggest SUV the company sells goes a step further. It now rides on stately 24-inch HRE wheels with a brushed clear center and a polished barrel.

From afar, you might mistake these for ALPINA’s classic wheel design. However, as you get closer, there’s more visual drama to this HRE wheel set from the 309 Classic Series. These are not as subtle as the one fitted to the XB7, making the fullsize luxury SUV even more of an attention grabber. If there’s one SUV from BMW that can make these stately wheels work, it’s the X7.

BMW X7 with 24-inch HRE wheels /

These HRE wheels also come in smaller sizes, from 18 to 22 inches. You can go with a two-piece wheel for $1,925 each or a three-piece wheel for $2,225 each. The forged wheels come in multiple finishes and can be combined with the company’s chrome lug nuts – as seen here. Otherwise, this is a fairly mundane X7. It doesn’t have the M Sport Package, let alone the hotter M60i treatment.

Painted in Sparkling Copper Metallic, it’s a newer X7 in the xDrive40d flavor with the Life Cycle Impulse applied. We’re honestly still trying to get used to the quirky split headlight arrangement. For what it’s worth, I personally think it looks better on the X7 and the XM than on the 7 Series. I still prefer the pre-LCI lights, though.

The “G07” generation still has a little over three years of production ahead. The last one is allegedly going to roll off the assembly line in Spartanburg, South Carolina in July 2027. It’ll be shortly followed by the “G67” with combustion engines and a fully electric iX7. The latter is expected to ride on CLAR rather than Neue Klasse.

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