One of the main reasons why BMW’s design language has been subjected to much criticism stems from the split headlight design. Only the firm’s largest models have gone through the unusual makeover that splits (pun intended) opinions years after being launched. The 7 Series, X7, and XM have now been imagined without the controversial lighting elements.

These three high-end luxobarges are illustrated with one-piece lights, and to be honest, they don’t necessarily look better. Of the trio, perhaps the 7 Series looks the best, followed by the X7, and the XM. The SUVs have awkward styling since the headlights are just too small for such a large front end. These models also need chunkier lights to be more proportionate with the oversized grilles. Well, perhaps the kidneys need to be downsized, but that’s a different story.

BMW X7 rendering without split headlights / Kolesa

BMW has said it doesn’t intend to give other models split headlights, which is why the X5 and X6 facelifted last year skipped the two-tier lights. The iX is another large model but recent spy shots have shown the LCI coming in 2025 won’t have the quirky lights either. However, the electric SUV will retain the upright grille that hasn’t exactly been well-received.

We’re curious to find out what the German luxury brand has planned for the 7 Series LCI and XM LCI. The X7 has already gone through its mid-cycle update, so work is likely underway for the next-gen model. With sales numbers continuing to climb, reaching record levels in 2023, BMW is unlikely to back down from its striking designs.

With that in mind, we’re already hearing the new X5 (G65) is supposedly going to feature X-shaped headlights. It’s unclear if the cluster itself will be shaped like the letter or whether the inner graphics will have the “X” motif. Either way, it would seem risky designs are here to stay.

Source: Kolesa

BMW XM rendering without split headlights / Kolesa