The seventh 7 is the bold new face of fullsize luxury and BMW is now taking us on an extended tour of its absolute flagship. The guide goes through several versions of the G70, which is the model’s only codename since the stately sedan will be sold in only one length. Stretched even further than the previous generation long-wheelbase 7er, the revamped saloon is featured here in both ICE and EV flavors, plus a combination of the two as the M760e is a plug-in hybrid.

As already seen in the Concept XM and the X7 LCI, the Mercedes S-Class rival has a giant grille with an illuminated contour and is flanked by split headlights. Both the combustion-engined and electric versions have the polarizing design with optional crystals embedded into the upper daytime running lights that also serve as pulsating turning signals.

You can tell the vehicle is larger than its predecessor by the sheer length of the rear doors, which are now automatic in the same vein as on a Rolls-Royce. The generous greenhouse is also a telltale sign BMW has enlarged the 7 Series in all dimensions, while the prominent Hofmeister kink is more expressive than before.

The video also goes through some of the alloy wheel choices and two-tone paint jobs before moving to the zero-emissions i7 with its blue accents. BMW briefly showcases the M760e with its quad exhaust tips reminding us of the defunct M760i. The V12 engine is not coming back with the G70, so experiencing the BMW Group’s largest engine is now only possible by stepping up to a Rolls-Royce.

While the car’s exterior has been the subject of controversy, the interior has been universally praised. The “less is more” theme is more evident in the 7er than in any other BMW, and while some would argue all the screens are a bit too much, the overall minimalist design is classy. The G70 gets the automaker’s more compact rocker switch, which can be optionally had in crystal.

15 minutes are simply not enough to go through all the tech offered by the latest range topper with its door-mounted touchscreen and the giant Theatre Display mounted on the roof. Optionally, dual tablets can be attached to the back of the front seats for even more screen real estate. Electric sun blinds, 5G connectivity, deployable footrests, and headrest speakers are just some of the features that BMW has installed in its tech-laden sedan.

The 7 Series with combustion engines and the electric 7 Series will go on sale in November, with the 660-horsepower i7 M70 arriving later in 2023.

Source: BMW / YouTube